Beginners Cookery Course

A 4 week cookery course held at our Durban North based kitchen on Saturdays teaching students a menu for 30 days without repeating a recipe. In this course Brigid also covers the basics of hygiene, plating and table setting. This is great for students, bachelors or domestic workers.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Mince Dishes

Roasts and Sweet & Sour

  1. Spaghetti Bolognaise
  2. Mince Lasagna
  3. Penne Picante
  4. Mince Rissoles/Meatballs
  5. Spaghetti & Meatballs
  6. Cottage Pie
  7. Boboti
  1. Roast Chicken with Gravy
  2. Roast Pork with Gravy
  3. Sweet and Sour Pork Chops
  4. Jamaican Chicken
  5. Sweet & Sour Chicken Fillets wrapped in Bacon
  6. Side Veg Dishes

Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Curries, Stews & Bakes

  1. Macaroni Cheese
  2. Macaroni Cheese with Bacon
  3. Pasta Carbonara
  4. Pasta Alfredo – With Ham or Chicken
  5. Baked Ziti
  6. Tuna Pasta Bake
  7. Pasta Salad


  1. Irish Stew
  2. Chicken, Lamb or Beef Indian Style Curry
  3. Chicken, Lamb or Beef Malay Style Curry
  4. Beef in Red Wine
  5. Chicken & Broccoli Au Gratin
  6. Potato Dishes

Course cost: R2 000 per learner
Includes all learning material and tastings.